Shabbat Synaplex

“These are hectic times. The temple provides a sanctuary, literally. When I’m there for Shabbat, I feel like I can relax, re-focus and restore for the week ahead.”
Jason Sidman

Unplug, turn off your phone, and spend a Saturday morning with us davenning (prayering), singing, stretching, learning, and schmoozing.  From traditional services to the unconventional, our Saturday morning experience is radically inclusive and can fulfill the needs of the most devoted to the first-time seeker.

What Does a Typical Shabbat Synaplex Look Like?

The full Synaplex with Nosh & Drash and Torah Yoga traditionally runs from the last Shabbat of August through the end of June, with the exception of school holiday weekends. Elements of Synaplex may change weekly depending on space.