CSH Initiatives & Values

Multiple Gateways

Congregation Shirat Hayam provides multiple gateways to Jewish life, learning and prayer, social justice (tikun olam), celebration, culture and the arts. Our programming allows our congregants of all ages to connect individually and collectively in the way that best meets their needs.

Conservative but willing to explore.

We realize our community will always have a broad range of preferences and needs. We define ourselves in how we choose to serve these needs while respecting the ritual, educational and social boundaries we set as a Conservative congregation. Our boundaries will be set by halacha, and our congregational values and preferences.

Active choice of membership and participation.

We strive for our members to actively choose to be part of our synagogue community and to participate in congregational life. Our goal is for all members to identify with our congregational beliefs, our preferences and our values.


We support diversity as we welcome and respect all Jews, as well as the non-Jewish partners of our members.