Center for Jewish Education

CJE General Policies & Information


Because we are building a community of learners and because regular attendance in school is necessary for long-term growth and positive identity formation, we do ask that parents make Hebrew School a top priority whenever possible.

We know that sports, dance, music, drama, and other extra-curricular activities are important for a child’s well-being. We honor parents’ efforts to balance their child’s schedule and include CJE in the mix. We also recognize that scheduling conflicts happen.  When they do crop up, we hope that students will attend as much of a class day as possible, even if it means coming dressed in their team uniform or cleats.

If your child is likely to be missing more than 4 consecutive class periods, please contact the Director so that a plan to keep your child up-to-date with their class can be developed.


If someone other than a CJE parent needs to pick up a child, please inform the Director. Only those authorized to pick-up a child from school will be allowed to leave with that child. This requires prior contact with the Director or the person’s name appearing on the student’s Emergency form.

Saturdays are very busy at CSH. Pre-K, Kindergarten and grade 1 children MUST be picked up, at 11:40 a.m., at their classrooms. Older students will be with their teachers at Ruach Rally until a parent COMES INTO THE BUILDING to dismiss them. Contact MUST be made with the classroom teacher before any child leaves. Children will NOT be allowed to leave the building without a parent or other authorized person. All our CJE families are welcome and encouraged to join the Shabbat Café held every week at the conclusion of services (approximately 12 noon).

On Tuesdays, students will be dismissed when their car is at the front door. Students wait with their teachers in the front foyer until they are called.

All outside doors are kept locked and the main office closes at 5:00 p.m. This can make it difficult for parents to come in to pick up a student. If a student needs early dismissal, please contact the CJE office before 5:00 p.m.

Our very Special Students (inclusion program)

Each of us learns in our own unique way. CJE welcomes students of all abilities. Please contact the Hebrew School office with any information that will help our staff establish a positive educational experience for your child at CJE. We especially appreciate copies of IEP’s, 504 or other accommodation plans, as well as any parental insight into how a student learns best. All student information is kept confidential and shared only with the faculty and clergy who are responsible for teaching a student. An IREP (Individual Religious Education Plan) may be completed in partnership with the Director.


In an effort to “be green”, our main form of communication is via email. Please be sure that the CJE office has your current email address and cell phone number. Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact the director at any time, via phone or email, with any questions or concerns. In the event of a school cancellation or urgent situation, school-wide text messages may be sent through All school families are automatically enrolled in the CJE Remind class unless they have specifically opted out.


CSH Main Phone: 781-599-8005, Extension 25 for CJE Director


Cell phones, iPads, or other electronics are only used for specific class activities while school is in session. Please do not text or call your student during classroom hours. There are no electronics used on Shabbat (Saturday).

Dress code/Kippot

Students are expected to dress appropriately and respectfully. Boys are required to bring and wear Kippot when they are in the building. Girls are also welcome to wear Kippot. Outerwear (jackets, coats, etc.) is to be removed when in the building.

Food/snacks (including allergy policy)

We offer reasonably healthy snacks to our students during break times. These can include graham crackers, fruit, challah, juice, cold water, fruit gummies, and pretzels.  On rare cold days, we may have hot chocolate. You may always send your own chosen snack with your child.

If your child has ALLERGIES, please make certain to note this on their registration form.  Please provide the CJE office with their Food Allergy Action Plan, as well.

No school/snow days

If there is no school in Swampscott or Marblehead due to a weather event, we will notify you BY TEXT or EMAIL whether or not there will be CJE that afternoon. If a storm develops during the day, and we need to cancel CJE, we will notify parents/guardians whose cell phone numbers we have via text and send an email. A message will be placed on the Temple and Director’s voicemail and WCVB – Channel 5 will carry the information regarding a cancellation. As always, our first thought is for the safety of our students, families, and faculty. Always make the best decision for your family and location.