CJE Curriculum Overview

CJE students learn through a variety of both experiential and skill-building methods. We teach students how to decode Hebrew so that they can read prayers and we include daily Tefilah (Worship) so that they can use the learned material in a real way.  We teach about key Jewish values such as Shalom (Peace) and Tzedakah (Righteous Giving) and give our students and families the opportunity to experience these values through Project Based Learning activities.

CJE is the first congregational school to use the Shalom Learning online curriculum for students in grades 3 – 7.  This curricular addition allows students to access their Hebrew assignments from any device to practice building their Hebrew skills, to understand the stories and background of various Tefilot (prayers), to record homework and share classwork or quizzes with their teachers even if they are unable to be in class that day.

Our use of the Shalom Learning online website means that students and families have more control over their own learning and skills acquisition.  Students who need more time listening to and practicing a prayer can take it, students who benefit from enrichment can access the material easily, and students who need to hear a prayer chanted can listen as many times as they wish while reading along.  There are no books to misplace because each student has an online account in the closed Schoology Learning Management System. Parents/Guardians are also given access so that they can check in on their children’s learning.

The basic outline of the Values Curricular piece is found below for grades 3 – 7.  Below that is the page of Prayers that each CJE student will be expected to master, if possible.  All of those prayers and their supporting materials are found on the Shalom Learning website.

Log in information and passwords will be sent to Parents/Guardians before the beginning of classes.

Grade Prayers Decoding Sheet CSH