CJE Information

(During the COVID-19 Closure)

CJE Hebrew Assessment and Spring Tutorial sessions have ended. If you are interested in further Hebrew tutoring for your child, please contact CJE@robertc102.sg-host.com for a list of approved tutors.

Registration information for the coming academic year will go out later in the summer. The reason for the delay is the new database system which is being adopted this month by the synagogue.  Online registration will be available by the end of July.

As we look toward the coming academic year, CJE will become a hybrid program. This means that we will continue online classes and intend to add in-person classes back into the rotation when it becomes safe to do so for all of our members and children.  Because of our commitment to the Shalom Learning online platform, we are likely to experience very little lag time for our staff to develop entire online curricular units. We will lose very little learning time when the students return in the Fall.

Our CJE faculty are making use of the summer break to attend various online professional development opportunities, including a “Boot Camp” sponsored by CJP, an adult online day camp session to make online learning “Zawesome”, and the NewCAJE conference later in the summer.

If you have any questions or feedback for CJE, please contact the Director, Janis Knight, at CJE@ShiratHayam.org