Center for Jewish Education

About CJE

Our goal is to provide a place where children take pride in their Jewish identity. We strive to make everyone comfortable and excited about Israel and Judaism, and we take pride in creating an environment where everyone feels part of the Jewish community. We have a strong, compassionate faculty dedicated to the well-being of your children and the development of Jewish minds and souls.

We appreciate your support in our efforts to give your children the best possible Jewish education and we look forward to working together. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

From the Director Fall 2020 (5781)

COVID 19 has presented us with unusual challenges. CJE is meeting these challenges by implementing virtual learning classes on Tuesdays, one-on-one Hebrew instruction for students in grades 3 and above, in-person outdoor Shabbat classes when possible and the introduction of the La’bri-ut Curriculum (To Our Health), a Jewish values curriculum designed specifically to help students in grades K through 7 to understand and build resiliency in difficult times.  We will do our best to build a community of learners that may be physically distant but are engaged in learning both together and individually.  We will stay as safe as we can and support one another’s souls and hearts even as we safeguard our bodies.

This may not be as easy as other years but it will be a worthwhile and valuable year of learning, exploration and growth.


Janis Knight, Director

Mission Statement & Goals of The Hebrew School

We envision a partnership between the family, the congregation, and the school which will:

  • Provide multiple pathways to Jewish education for every kind of learner in our community.
  • Celebrate joyfully holidays and lifecycle events in community.
  • Facilitate the spiritual, emotional, and character development of our students through the lens of Jewish practice, belief, and wisdom.
  • Give students a toolbox of Jewish knowledge and wisdom to use to understand the world and work to improve it.
  • Lay the groundwork for students to live meaningful, happy lives as confident and engaged Jewish adults.