Center for Jewish Education

About CJE

The Center for Jewish Education at Shirat Hayam is designed to reflect the best values of our congregation. Our students are offered the gifts that Judaism brings to our lives. It is our goal for every student to experience the sense of belonging to a sacred learning community.  Our school is not simply about Jewish literacy but about helping our students to craft a life of meaning and purpose. Our approach is hands-on, whether encountering sacred text, celebrating holidays and simchot, or the work of repairing the world through tzedakah and gemilut hasadim projects.

Goals of The CJE

We envision a partnership between the family, the congregation, and the school which will:

  • Provide multiple pathways to Jewish education for every kind of learner in our community.
  • Celebrate joyfully holidays and lifecycle events in community.
  • Facilitate the spiritual, emotional, and character development of our students through the lens of Jewish practice, belief, and wisdom.
  • Give students a toolbox of Jewish knowledge and wisdom to use to understand the world and work to improve it.
  • Lay the groundwork for students to live meaningful, happy lives as confident and engaged Jewish adults.