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Q: What is Darkeinu?

A: Darkeinu means “our way.” This program is a highly-flexible and individualized way for Jewish teens to continue learning and growing as they become Jewish adults. Students are asked to choose activities from three out of five broad areas of Jewish life and learning. They will receive credit hours for the ways they choose to engage with, learn, and serve the Jewish community.


Q: Why should I enroll in Darkeinu?

A: Because it’s designed to help you ask and answer core questions like: Who am I? To what and to whom am I connected in this world? To what and to whom am I responsible? How can I make the world a better place? Because you get to hang out and have dinner with other teens and the Rabbi once a month. Because there’s so much more to being a Jewish adult than that one Shabbat you became a bar/t mitzvah. (And because colleges love seeing ongoing religious education and engagement on your application.)


Q: What are the five areas from which I can choose?

A: Leadership, Gimilut Hasadim (Acts of Lovingkindness), Torah (Engagement with Sacred Text), Avodah (Ritual Leadership), and Ahavat Tziyon (Love of Israel – both the place and the people)


Q: How many credits do I need to complete the program?

A: 27 credits for students in grades 8 through 10. Students in Grades 10 through 12 – see Rabbi Ragozin for modified requirements.


Q: How do I log my credits?

A: First, register for the program. Then, each month attend the monthly Chai Mitzvah dinner programs and check in with Ms. Knight to log your time. If you can’t attend the dinner meeting, email Ms. Knight at [email protected]


Q: I already volunteer/am a youth group board member/plan to go to Israel. Does that count?

A: YES. Stuff you’re already doing counts, but we hope you’ll also explore new options from the other categories. Some activities can only be counted once, like attendance at Jewish camp or working as a madrich/a.


Q: Do I or my family have to be members of Shirat Hayam to participate? Can my Jewish friend join along with me?

A: You don’t need to be CSH members to participate. You just need to self-identify as a Jewish teen and have a wholehearted interest in building your own authentic Jewish identity as you become an adult.


Pricing: $72/year
madrichim have their fee waived 

More questions?
Contact Janis Knight, CJE Director
[email protected]
781-599-8005 x25