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Yoga Minyan

Yoga Minyan

Uniting Body, Mind, and Heart with Spirit

Mission Statement:

The CSH Yoga Minyan strives to integrate Jewish wisdom with asana and vinyasa yoga (yoga postures and flowing movements). Through Jewish yoga we seek to become one (Echad) with God through breath, movement, meditation, and body prayer.

Components of the Class:

Traditional Yoga


  • Energizing
  • Stretching
  • Flexibility
  • Strength Building
  • Balance

  • Integration
  • Relaxation

Jewish Themes


  • Use of Hebrew Letters
  • Holiday teachings
  • Midot (Attributes)
  • Ethics (Mussar): Soul work
  • Shabbat rest

Jewish Spirituality


  • Listening
  • Kabbalistic Meditation
  • Mystical Teachings
  • Sephirot (Kabbalistic Energy Centers)
  • Oneness
  • Connecting With God's Sacred Names
  • Uniting Heaven and Earth Through Our Bodies
  • Breath Work
  • Tefillah (Prayer)
  • Jewish Chant and Music
  • Kavannah (Mindfulness)

Each Shabbat The Yoga Minyan will feature a focused Jewish theme introduced in the opening meditation, continued throughout the class, and culminating in the closing meditation. The theme will be announced the previous week.

What to know before you go:

  • Class is open to all levels and the teacher will offer varying options allowing the class to be modified to meet each individual's needs allowing for a gentle stretch to a more invigorating work-out, and anything in between.
  • Please try to arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled start.
  • Feel free to bring a yoga mat or use one of the mats available at CSH.
  • Consider bringing water.
  • It is suggested you practice yoga on a empty stomach.
  • Wear comfortable clothing; yoga is usually done barefoot.

Yoga Etiquette:

  • Be respectful of your instructors and fellow students by arriving on time for class.
  • If you arrive late, please enter as quietly as possible. If you need to leave at anytime, please also do so quietly.
  • Please turn off all cell phones and pagers before entering the classroom.
  • Be mindful of your neighbor's space; however, please understand in a full class it is possible, and frequent in yoga classes, that mats are nearly touching.
  • Consider finding a place close to the instructor if you have difficulty hearing or seeing.
  • Please inform the teacher if you have any injuries, illnesses or are pregnant.
  • Have fun and ask questions before or after class! The teachers encourage and enjoy ensuring the yoga class is enjoyable, invigorating, and deepening in whatever way you are comfortable with.

Yoga Mailing List:

Click here to join our mailing list and receive updates on weekly classes and the theme for our Shabbat session.



Yoga Minyan Music Set Lists:

Many of you have asked about the music used during our minyans. Below are the setlists of music we currently use.

Set List 1

Song Artist Album
Fourth Chakra Sophia Chakra Healing Chants
Im Ninalu Sheva Sheva
Integration Sophia Chakra Healing Chants
V'Taher Temple - Danya Uriel and Eyal Rivlin Coming Home
In Gaia's Playground Avishai Ark Of Dreams
Second Chakra Sophia Chakra Healing Chants
Invocation Holly Shere Wild Earth Shebrew

Set List 2

Song Artist Album
Deep See Dance Avishai Ark Of Dreams
Sweet Water Lee Moore Rava D'Ravin
Dodi Li YofiYah Kabbalah Kirtan
Yishakeni YofiYah Kabbalah Kirtan
Shalom Temple - Danya Uriel and Eyal Rivlin Coming Home
Spring Of Life Avishai Ark Of Dreams
L'Chah Dodi Temple - Danya Uriel and Eyal Rivlin Coming Home
Hamakom Hazeh YofiYah Kabbalah Kirtan
Samaech C. Lanzbom Butterfly

Set List 3

Song Artist Album
V'shamru Neshama Carlebach Journey
May the Words Lee Moore Rava D'Ravin
Elohai Neshama Shawn Zevit Morning I Will Seek You
Nishmat Holly Shere Wild Earth Shebrew
Four Worlds Chant Holly Shere Wild Earth Shebrew
Salaam Elana Jagoda Zum Gali Gali
Taste of Love Temple - Danya Uriel and Eyal Rivlin Coming Home
Mah Yakar Shoshana and David Cooper Songs of Prayer and Silence

Set List 4

Song Artist Album
Pure Heart (Lev Tahor) Bayit Chadash and Din Din Aviv Spirit Israel
Peace Onto You (Shalom Alecheim) Bayit Chadash and Carioca Freitas Spirit Israel
Heart's Awake Lee Moore Rava D'Ravin
Ladino Song Oi Va Voi Laughter Through Tears
Grateful (Modeh) Bayit Chadash Spirit Israel
Od Yeshoma Oi Va Voi Laughter Through Tears
Shalom Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra Mondo Rama
To His Garden Lee Moore Rava D'Ravin
Evening Prayer Bayit Chadash Spirit Israel
Long Time Sun Snatam Kaur Grace
So Much Magnificence Miten and Premal Songs For The Inner Lover
Salaam Elana Jagoda Zum Gali Gali

Set List 5

Song Artist Album
Coming Home Todd Herzog Bridging The Gap
Creating the Sea Nava Tehila Dancing Into Glory
HaTov Neshama Carlbach When Do We Eat? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I Am Guru Singh A Game of Chants
Pray for Peace of Jerusalem Sababa Pray for the Peace
After All Todd Herzog Proverbs
Am I Awake Noah Aronson Am I Awake
L'chi Lach Debbie Friedman And You Shall Be A Blessing
Oseh Shalom Rick Recht Simply Shabbat
New Beginnings Craig Taubman How Good
So Much Magnificence Deva Premal Songs for the Inner Lover
Melech Rachaman Neshama Carlbach Dancing With My Soul
Receiving the Word Nava Tehila Dancing Into Glory
Nachamu Ami Neshama Carlbach Dancing With My Soul
Baal Hayeshuot Neshama Carlbach Journey
Long Time Sun Snatam Kaur Celebrate Peace
Heart of Mine Marsha Attie Heart of Mine
Ana El Na Temple Coming Home
Light These Lights Debbie Friedman Light These Lights
The Angels' Blessing Debbie Friedman Renewal of Spirit
God My Shield Debbie Friedman The Water In The Well
Song for Healing of the Soul Rabbi Shawn Zevit Heart and Soul
Dream Again Moshav Misplaced
Shema Lullaby Saul Kaye Celebrate Jewish Lullabies