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The Lev Initiative is an ongoing Shirat Hayam program designed to inspire you to invest financially in the programming about which you are passionate. Put simply, Lev asks - "give from your heart."


Shirat Hayam is transforming the face of Judaism and modern spirituality. To sustain and expand our vision and offerings in the years to come, we must continue to invest in our programming, leadership and institution.


Just as the original Temple was built with fixed dues as well as nadiv lev, offerings from the heart, so too do healthy, growing modern synagogues need to be supported by dues as well as heartfelt offerings. The Lev Initiative will allow us to sustain what we have created, and continue to "raise the bar" and inspire everyone in our midst and beyond.


In short, the Lev Initiative will make it possible for our members and supporters to find areas in which they are interested...and, with their hearts, invest in their passion.


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Lev-els Of Giving
Ahava $ 10,000+
Rachamim $ 5,400+
Chazak $ 3,600+
Chesed $ 1,800+
Emunah $ 1,000+
Mitzvah $ 613+
Chayim $ 360+
Emet $ 180+
Kavod $ 36+
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----Select Area----General Program FundAdult EducationBabies and BagelsBook ClubBrotherhoodCenter for Jewish Education (CJE)Chesed CommitteeCommunity PartnershipsCouncil for Spiritual ConnectionCouncil of SagesCultural ProgrammingFamily LifeGLBTHoliday ServicesInterfaithIsha L'IshaIsrael ProgramsJudaism Comes HomeKiddush LunchKol Isha Women's ChoirMovies and MidrashMusical ProgramsPreschoolScotch and SchmoozeSecond Night Passover SederSimchat ShabbatSpiritual ProgramsTeam Tikkun OlamTechnologyWomen's ProgrammingWomen's Rosh Chodesh GroupYAiSH  
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