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CSH is a Jewish congregation committed to the halachic and spiritual ideals set forth by Conservative Judaism. With that being said, these ideals of the Conservative movement are far more broad and dynamic than most people realize.

Within Conservative Judaism there are a whole host of philosophies and practices, particularly in regards to tefilah (prayer). There are traditional and liberal modes of davening (prayer) as well as newly emerging alternative forms of tefilah like meditation and yoga, to name but a few.

And yet, for too long, Conservative synagogues have usually aligned themselves with one position usually to the exclusion of the others. However, the rising trend within the movement, and modern Judaism at large, is the move away from this "one size fits all" mentality to a far wider range of choices from which to choose. Often times this new model is referred to as "the SynaplexTM."

The SynaplexTM is the model inspired by the modern cinematic Cineplex. Just like in the Cineplex one enters and makes their choice from amidst a wide array of movies, so too in the SynaplexTM one enters, not a movie theatre but a synagogue, choosing which venue is right for him/her.

In short, there never has been and probably never will be one authentic expression of Judaism and certainly not in regards to expressing one's soul to God, also known as tefilah. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us as modern synagogues, particularly within the Conservative movement, the movement which prides itself on spanning the spectrum of choices, to reclaim a vibrant and dynamic space for multiple expressions of Judaism and Jewish prayer to take place. CSH is such a place; a community grounded in tradition and yet infused it with meaningful change.

Come find your place, your space, your voice with us at Congregation Shirat Hayam!