We practice radical hospitality!

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Shirat Hayam preschool is a Readers Choice Award winner!We have an extraordinary staff of Early Childhood Educators who easily exceed the teaching requirements mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Education and Care. We provide a safe, caring environment where children thrive because they are nurtured and happy. We love what we do!

 *The Shirat Hayam Center for Early Education welcomes children and families of all backgrounds *



The Shirat Hayam Center for Early Education is a play based program. We believe that young children thrive and learn best in an environment rich with tools to create and scaffold play. Allowing children time to explore and discover encourages imagination, curiosity, creativity, and independence. Through reading and games we promote early literacy, science and math skills. The Shirat Hayam Center for Early Education is a warm and happy place where, to paraphrase Dr. Ross Green, “Children do well, because they can”.


MEMBERSHIP IS NOT REQUIRED FOR OUR EARLY EDUCATION PROGRAMS! In fact, families with a child or children enrolled in our Center for Early Education are entitled to complimentary membership in the synagogue!




When CSH was formed the "C," as in Congregation, was specifically chosen. Congregation is not about an institution nor a building. It's about the people who gather together within that building, the souls that sustain the institution. Judaism is exceptional in this area. We believe that an individual certainly can have a personal relationship with God. This is of value and it is important. It's just that it is not the most important thing. 

The most powerful way we experience God is not personally but collectively. In our prayer book most of the prayers are in the plural - "we thank¦.we need¦we hope¦." In our religious lives most of our mitzvot (commandments) can only be fulfilled in community: when we visit our sick, console our bereaved, give resources to our needy or simply stop, converse and get to know one another. And in our lives in general God is most powerfully experienced not alone, on a desert island but together, within our relationships. And relationships are not Jewish, they are not Christian, they are not Muslim - they are human. Relationships are about people and people is what Judaism is built around and what Congregation Shirat Hayam is all about.

"Make for me a sacred space," God says in the Torah, "and I will dwell within ya'all (literally "you plural")". God doesn't promise to dwell within our institutions or buildings but in our relationships. So introduce yourselves to another (that side of the hall, the preschool wing or this side, the synagogue wing), invite others to your home for Shabbat dinner, religious celebrations or just a play date. Most of all take care of each other during the good times but especially during the bad. And above all else, "Radical Hospitality" if you see someone on the "outside" (literally and figuratively) then for goodness sake and for God's sake - invite them in.

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